Are You Ready to Attend our Yogi's Diet- Ayurvedic Cooking Class?

About our Class:

Are you seeking to enrich and spice up your daily meals? Maybe you are looking to enhance your diet, making it more wholesome, pure,  and balanced?

Our Yogi's Diet-Ayurvedic Cooking Class might be what you are looking for!

Come learn the basics of Ayurveda applied in the kitchen- Yogi Style!

You don't have to be a Yogi, Vegan or Vegetarian to enjoy the delicious and wholesome meals we teach in these classes.

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Your Cooking Instructor

Our Yogi-Diet Ayurvedic Cooking Instructor is Parmanada Giri , who was initiated as a Naga Baba yogi, a monk, in Allahabad, India in 2013, where he lived among the Sadhus and Gurus studying and training for several months in Kriya Yoga. Parmananda also previously founded Ashram Centro Holistico in Monterrey, Mexico. His knowledge of vegetarian cooking and yogic lifestyle has brought him to excel in his knowledge of Ayurvedic Cooking.


What the Class Consists of:

  • Intro to the Basics on Ayurveda and a Yogi's Diet
  • How to realistically apply Ayurveda and a Yogi's Diet in today's western world.
  • Basics to Creating your Shopping list
  • The Art of Cooking Vegetables
  • 3 hours In-person instruction (see below for Menu details)
  • Take-Home Recipes


  • MAIN DISH: Buddha Bowl 1
  • 2nd DISH: Vegetable Coconut Curry Sabzi
  • 3rd SIDE DISH: Spring Rolls + Peanut Sauce
  • DESSERT: Coco-Cocoa Almond Balls
  • SNACK: "Lara Bars" and Yogi's Granola
  • DRINK: Fresh Almond Milk

Note: Menu is Gluten-free, dairy-free, Vegan, and Vegetarian. Please let us know if you have any other allergies or nut allergies.

Dates & Times:

Dates are pending...

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Pricing Info:

  • SHC Members are FREE when they are accompanied by 2 Friends ($50.00 USD each)
  • Single-Attendee: $65.00 USD per person
  • Double-Attendee: $60.00 USD per person


Houston, Texas

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