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About Ascension Meditation


Ascension Meditation is a pre-Christian teaching; a meditation technique based on praise, gratitude, love and compassion passed down from one enlivened heart to another. The practice of Ascension works in conjunction with thoughts, allowing you to experience deeper levels of the mind, as well as it does not interfere with any religion since no belief is required. These techniques dissolve stress from the nervous system and expands our consciousness,  allowing for deep and profound healing of our very being. A truly enlightening experience that can only be lived in order to bare witness as to the true power of Ascension.

The meditation is simple, natural and powerful and is called the Ishayas’ Ascension. Ishaya means “for higher Consciousness” and Ascension means to “rise beyond” the self-defeating beliefs and judgments which keep the mind in conflict and the heart in pain.

It is not a belief or a new/old religion. There are four techniques called Ascension Attitudes and these are based on the natural movement of the mind towards praise, gratitude, and love and compassion. These techniques effortlessly move the mind inward. By naturally moving the mind inward, all chaotic modes of functioning are surpassed, and the mind arrives at its natural state of silence. The hemispheres of the brain go into perfect coherence, and the body reaches a level of rest, deeper than the average rest it gets from eight hours of sleep. When the body rests, it heals; thus, the stress lodged in the nervous system naturally dissolves – and Freedom dawns. There is no need to analyze the stress and limiting internal programs to be free of them.

It is very practical as these Attitudes can be used with eyes open to prevent stress from being built up during the day, as well as with eyes closed which releases stress from the nervous system. Benefits of using these regularly are deep rest, stress release, improved health, clarity of mind and expanded consciousness. The techniques have the potential to increase effectiveness and enjoyment in all areas of life by bringing one to the present moment and by removing the destructive beliefs and mental blocks that inhibit the natural functioning of the mind and body.


About the Intro Class:

Includes a Brief Description of:

  • Ishaya's Ascension
  • The First Four Ascension Techniques
  • Commonly Asked Questions
  • Benefits to using the Ishayas’ Ascension.
  • Details about the Full 3-day 1st Sphere Ascension Class

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