bia yogi

Come Join Yogi Elizabeth Leonards for some outdoors Yoga in the Park! Enjoy the outdoors, get some sun and meet new like-minded people.

About the Class:

Elizabeth's classes are Hatha and Ashtanga based, but are infused with her own style and flow. You will find them to be both therapeutic and challenging. Her main focus revolves around strengthening the core and the decompression of the spine to improve posture and proper back alignment. She thoroughly enjoys inversions and hand-balances and might throw in some of these challenging poses for practice and assistance.

What to Bring:

-Yoga Mat
-Water Bottle
-Picnic Blanket/Blanket (optional)

Where to Go:

Hermann Park, Houston TX

Who to Contact:
(text or call) 1-800-680-2013


$10 FREE

Sponsored by:

The Sacred Healing Center

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