Quasar Shielding Tab (Radiation Neutralizer)


Quasar Shielding Tab (Radiation Neutralizer) 1002

Quasar Shielding Tabs:

Quasar Shielding tabs have been specifically designed and tested to block the harmful effects of radiation and electromagnetic energies emitted by electronics. The effectiveness of these tab can be tested by utilizing dowsing rods which have been used to measure energy dating back to over 8000 years ago.

Quasar Tab Benefits:

  1. Repels harmful electromagnetic fields and radiation from common electronic devices. (cell phones, televisions, WiFi signals and computers)
  2. Greatly reduces the negative effects of electromagnetic wavelengths such as fatigue, headaches, and degradation of the body's immune system.
  3. Increases energy levels and stabilizes mental and physical vitality.

How to Use:

  • Clean the backside of your phone or phone case or electronic device
  • Peal of the Small circular Quasar Tab (perefect size for phones)
  • Place onto your phone or electronic device.
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